Dieter underneath Waterloo bridge. Nice light there.

Dieter underneath Waterloo Bridge

Tried out the 105mm lens . Very different to my 50mm one. More intimate. Strong colours.gracie105mm lens again.The focus is only along the outline of her profile

Portraits in my home studio

Practising studio lighting

The background is not yet evenly lit. I used one flashlight from left to get rid of the shadows on the wall . I should have used two, I think. Aimed for butterfly lighting from the front, using a soft box.

ann blog
This is Ann, kindly sitting for me

Again the background is not evenly lit. And Katja doesn’t have the light from the soft box in her eyes.But I like their expression and the way they are sitting on the chair.

Katja and Leo
Katja and Leo

The left picture is butterfly lighting , the right one Rembrandt.Using only one soft box. I should have may be used two soft boxes for the right photo,or positioned the model further away from the background and put one light against the background. Next time.

Dieter Daff
Dieters photo taken with a soft box and butterfly lighting.

Daffodils are my assigned studio objects. I was trying different ways .Overexposed against the flashlight, so it would like I am shooting into the sunlight.Or using blue background, making it look like against the sky. Or lost inside daffodils.

Daffodil, Wendy and a handbag

I researched Cindy Sherman, amongst others for my studio project, because I was inspired by the way she uses light in a very obvious way to create certain moods and even narratives. It made me think to think may be of a concept or sth I want to bring across , even when taking just a portrait.

by Cindy Sherman


In the portrait with the daffodil, since it is a plastic one, it was the idea of a woman with her out of fashion handbag to be waiting for something. A contained mood.

Wendy blog
Wendy and the Daffodil

Taken in the college studio. Black background, Beauty dish from the right side. Snoot light (which is a very pointed light) from the left. I was inspired by Cindy Sherman,who creates different moods by changing t he light. Depending on the focus, strength and direction of the light one creates completely different moods.I wanted the focus of the light by mainly on the daffodil followed by the face.

For Health and Safety

I had to make sure the table is sturdy enough for Wendy to sit on. No cables running across , not to trip over. Make sure the lights had cooled down, before I wanted to change it from soft box to snoot.




Daffodil studio shot


Taken in the college studio , white background and one light from the left, hence the strong shadow, which I actually like. It gives it a  sunny feel. The daffodils are a mixture of plastic perfect ones and some real ones which are on their way out. The vase is from my grandmother. The shadow on the vase has the same colour like the shadow on the ground

friendsTwo friends.


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